51+ Happy Onam 2021 Wishes, Messages, Greetings For Friends, Family

By | August 3, 2021

India is a secular country, where people of different religions and sects live. Due to which the atmosphere of festivals remains throughout the year. Every religion is unique in itself and the festival of every religion is the mirror of its religion. This festival is helpful in providing proper direction to the entire human society, not only for the people of particular religion. Special messages are hidden in these festivals, which indicate the specificity of a certain time period.
Every day is considered a festival in Sanatan Dharma, these festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm in various forms in all the north-south-east-west of India. According to different places and cultures, there is diversity in the ways of celebrating them.
Onam is a very important and ancient festival of South India. This festival is celebrated on the Trayodashi of the month of Shravan according to the Hindu calendar, which will be celebrated for 10 days this year starting from Thursday, August 12, and Monday, August 23. During the month of Shravan, a sheet of greenery is seen all around, nature seems to be spreading its shade by wearing its new surroundings. There is a pleasant atmosphere all around, the ripening of the harvest awakens a new enthusiasm, new hope and new faith in the people.
This festival is related to the great donor Asura King Bali, in whose welcome this festival is celebrated. It is believed that on this day King Bali comes to earth to see his people and his kingdom. The people of Kerala celebrate this festival every year in the memory of their king. On this day special worship is done in homes. Houses are cleaned, and a flower-house is built in which rangolis of flowers are decorated in a circular form. The girls daily dance around it (Thiruvathira Kali). Every day a circle is extended around this flower circle, it assumes a large form by the tenth day. In the center of the rangoli are placed clay idols of Vamana avatar of Vishnu, King Mahabali and his bodyguards, which are usually made from raw clay.
On the day of Onam, all women wear white saris with white flowers in their hair, and men wear traditional dhoti kurtas and white sandalwood tilaks. Even small children wear white clothes. The houses and temples are specially decorated. Colorful rangolis are made on the doorsteps of houses.
Public events are organized during the Onam festival, the main one being the boat race. Fairs are held in many places and processions are also taken out by decorating elephants. There is also a custom of dance and music on this day, in the dance, the famous dance of Kerala “Kathakali” is performed.
Traditional dishes are prepared on Onam, which include many types of pickles, many types of vegetables, banana chips, raw banana sweets and other types of dishes. They are served on a banana leaf in a particular order.
Onam is celebrated with enthusiasm by the people of Kerala community all over India. This festival is celebrated as the destroyer of pride.

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